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We are new build snagging company based in Birmingham. Using the latest technology we work across England and Wales and have completed thousands of snagging inspections. Our Inspectors are highly experienced and well qualified professionals who have exceptionally high standards. Our snagging surveys help our clients have peace of mind in their new home.

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✓ Snagging Survey Birmingham

✓ Snagging Survey Coventry 

✓ Snagging Survey Wolverhampton

✓ Snagging Survey Sutton Coldfield

✓ Snagging Survey Solihull

✓ Snagging Survey West Bromwich 

✓ Snagging Survey Dudley

✓ Snagging Survey Stourbridge

✓ Snagging Survey Walsall

✓ Snagging Survey Halesowen 


Anyone that has recently bought a new build home would benefit from a snagging survey. A snagging survey will check your new home for defects that regularly happen during the building process. This process involves any number of checks such as finding badly hung doors and, poorly decorated walls, incorrectly installed electrical devices, leaks and issues with technical standards. On average a newly constructed home will have over 150 snags. This is why having a snagging survey done for your new home is a sound financial investment. We bring snagging into the 21st century by using the latest technology to complete your snagging survey. We use both thermal image and drone technology. These non evasive tools ensures you get a comprehensive and detailed snagging report. 

Our snagging office is based in Birmingham however we will conduct your snagging survey anywhere across the midlands. We have completed snagging inspections across the west midlands, such as in Wolverhampton, Dudley, West Bromwich and Coventry.  In fact The Professional Snagging Company is a national snagging company that have inspectors across the country. Consequently, we are able to provide enhanced snagging inspections across England and Wales. 

You could have your snagging survey for as little as £250. For more information and to see our availability click here