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We are new build snagging survey specialists. Our Inspectors are highly experienced and passionate professionals who have exceedingly high standards. Using the latest technology we work across England and Wales to ensure our clients have peace of mind in their new home.  

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✓ Snagging Survey Colchester

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If you need a new build snagging survey then you have come to the right place. We are snagging survey specialists. We have conducted thousands of snagging surveys across the country. Our snagging surveys produce detailed reports as our professional snaggers have years of industry experience. Our Chelmsford Snagging Office is based in Essex however we will conduct a snagging inspection anywhere in the south of England and across the country.  If you have recently bought a new build then you need a snagging survey. Our average snagging survey will find over 120 snags. A snagging survey is a sound investment when you consider the amount of money your new build will have cost you. 

We dont just offer snagging inspections for new build properties. We will also do a snagging survey for your recently built summer house or extension. Any newly built construction would benefit from our snagging survey service. You can have your snagging survey done for as little as £250. You can find out more about or new build snagging surveys here