Ensuring Quality in Your New Home: The Importance of Snagging Surveys and Regulatory Frameworks

Quality Assurance for Your New Home

Welcome to our latest blog post shedding light on the quality of new-build housing and the essential role snagging inspections play in ensuring you get the home you deserve. As the housing market evolves, so do the regulatory frameworks designed to safeguard consumers. In this article, we’ll explore the recent developments and share insights from a recent comprehensive report by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), and provide practical tips to empower you in your home-buying journey.



Ensuring Quality in Your New Home: The Importance of Snagging Surveys and Regulatory Frameworks

Understanding the Landscape:

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The CIOB report delves into the dynamics of the new-build housing market, addressing the perceived lack of quality in recent years. Despite overall improvements, inconsistencies and issues during construction can still arise. The report emphasises the significance of consumers understanding their rights and avenues to address quality concerns.

Consumer Advice Guide:

To complement the comprehensive report, CIOB has crafted a consumer advice guide. This guide, accompanied by FAQs, breaks down the role of snagging surveys, NHQB, and NHO. It serves as a handy reference for new home buyers, offering clarity on how to navigate the complex landscape of new-build quality assurance.

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CIOB’s Top Tips for New Home Buyers:

  • Check NHQB Registration: Ensure your housebuilder is registered with the NHQB, as around 80% of developers in England adhere to the New Homes Quality Code (NHQC).
  • Ask About Standards: If the housebuilder isn’t registered with NHQB, inquire about other codes or standards they may follow to ensure a commitment to quality.
  • Employ a Snagging Company: Hire a reputable snagging company to inspect your property before or within the first few weeks of moving in. Professionals can identify defects that may go unnoticed.
  • Report Defects Promptly: If defects are found, report them to the housebuilder immediately, referencing NHQC or their own set of standards.
  • Give the Housebuilder Opportunity: Allow the housebuilder the chance to rectify any issues before escalating the complaint.
  • New Homes Ombudsman: If problems persist or an agreement can’t be reached, take your complaint to the New Homes Ombudsman for resolution.
Homeowners having to move out


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As you embark on the exciting journey of purchasing a new home, understanding the regulatory frameworks and leveraging snagging surveys is crucial. By following CIOB’s top tips, you empower yourself to ensure the highest quality in your new living space. Remember, your dream home deserves to meet the highest standards, and with the right knowledge, you can make it a reality. So why not book your snagging inspection with The Professional Snagging Company today?

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