Rikki: Four Bedroom House in Scarborough

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Rikki booked his standard inspection with thermal imaging after comparing The Professional Snagging Company with competitors. He knew the importance of having a thorough inspection at a fraction of the overall cost of his new home. He was grateful for the flexibility we provided him, as his completion date moved three times. Each time his inspection was rescheduled at no additional cost. Although he and his partner were both working from home, they found the inspection non-intrusive. Rikki was worried that snaggers have a reputation for “looking” for faults. However, he found his inspector complementary of the quality of his new home. He was glad he opted for the extra thermal imaging as his inspector used this equipment to discover a lack of insulation in a hidden part of his loft space.

Rikki Sollis

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4 Bedroom House


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